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Coping with financial worries on top of grieving a loved one’s death can become a huge struggle. The decisions that arise can be overwhelming so our aim is to support through the process.

We have extensive knowledge in taxation and jurisdiction law including cross-border regulations when assets are held in other countries. 



Getting medical certificates, registering the death and arranging the funeral is only the start of it. The probate process is unlocking all of the assets in the estate which can be lengthy and exhausting. 

We can help you through the process by advising what paperwork is needed to be granted probate, any insurances that need to be claimed for and any inheritance tax issues that need to be settled.


Cash flow

With important financial choices ahead, speed can make a mess of things. 

Waiting until your cognitive functions have returned to normal before making any big decisions is very important. 

Having the burden of losing a loved one’s income or making sure what they left behind can last you will take planning and number crunching. 

We will help analyse the finances and the financial milestones that you still need to achieve. This could be simple budgets but also investment that will need to fund you in the years to come. 


Tax planning

This can be an extremely important time to be aware if you have gained any inheritance tax issues for your surviving beneficiaries. 

We will help construct the assets in a way to have sound tax efficiency for the here and now but also for your future estate.

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