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We understand that divorce is usually a difficult and unsettling time for couples. We look to help our clients through the process giving support and advice in the interim and beyond. 


Consideration on divorce jurisdictions

To understand the different divorce laws and entitlements in various jurisdictions. 


Entitlement of assets

To understand your entitlement and split of the assets. The advice will include the division of assets based on the jurisdiction where they are held and where the divorce will be settled. 


Valuation of assets

Assisting with an independent valuation of the current asset position by gaining letters of authority 


Transferring and splitting of assets 

Agreed on the split of assets or need help?

Assessing and evaluating the sharing order or to discuss the best way to split a pension or help provide liquidity in property portfolios to be able to meet the divorce settlement requirement. 


Settlement investment management  

Understand your future income and capital requirement needs. Provide a cash flow model and a bespoke portfolio to meet this requirement. 

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